August 10th, 2017

A poignant story, 70 years on

This short video, beautifully filmed by the BBC, profiles one of the many sad stories that resulted from Partition – the tragic separation of India and Pakistan, that took place 70 years ago next week.

A country that was once one whole, united against their colonial British overlords, was then split, violently and brutally.

And 70 years on, the legacy of mistrust and dislike is still in place.

This story, below, however is a more personal one.

A Muslim former ruler whose father became a Pakistani, whilst he remained resolutely Indian, sees his property classified as enemy property by the Indian government.

And, despite all the courts agreeing with him, he is still locked in a legal battle with the powers that be, whilst his palace, a part of India’s cultural and historic heritage, falls further and further into disrepair.

What a sad tale, of a beautiful home crumbling away, while people squabble over its destiny.

Very poignant.

Credit & thanks go to the BBC.

But just one thing, dear BBC : why on earth did you feel the need to subtitle the perfect, erudite, elegant English of this gentleman?  He speaks way better English than so many of my compatriots, whose rapid fire estuary English I can hardly understand anymore.

Plus he quote Yeats.

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