October 8th, 2017

Talking about adult colouring books…

Gosh, am I glad I started this “Just because” section of my blog, because now I can legitimately chat away to you about things that actually have nothing at all to do with India, but which I really do want to talk about.

Like adult colouring books.

Being bang on trend, I have an adult colouring book 😛

AND a pot of lovely coloured pencils on my desk.

I could bore you witless with how relaxing it is to colour in intricate patterns, but I fear there might be a certain amount of eye-rolling going on.

For the record, I also have several colouring programmes on my iPad, and happily while away the hours colouring in intricate mandalas.

I even share some of them on Instagram (yes, I know, I know)

Like so:

Seriously, how pretty is this?

And can you imagine how zen-like and relaxed I felt, as I tapped away with my iPencil, creating this?

BUT, hey, guess what?

Adult colouring books are not a new fad.  Not at all.

They have been around for over 250 years.

Here, read this:

Now how interesting is that?

Bet you’re glad you know this, right?!


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