Ee bah gum, but that’s right gradely

Ee bah gum, but that’s right gradely

I have a super patriotic “Just because” post for you today.

Patriotic as in talking about the old home country…

My sister has just sent me an article which filled my Yorkshire heart with pride & joy (& not a little astonishment, if I’m being 100% honest).

To put this news in context – the English county of Yorkshire, aka God’s own county, is where I was born & lived until I went to university.

And Yorkshire is possibly going to become a country within a country.

As powerful as London.

By ‘eck, but that’s proper champion.

OK, OK, I’ll stop the Yorkshire-isms since I know many of you lovely readers are not fellow Tykes, so let me revert to plain English, shall I?

Basically, there are proposals afoot to “to put a single leader in charge of Yorkshire’s £110bn-a-year economy, which is around twice the size of that of Wales and larger than that of 11 countries in the European Union.”

Now that I did not know.

£110bn-a-year economy – now that’s serious moolah.

Nor did I know that Yorkshire “has about the same population as Scotland.”

(Thank you to


How exciting.

The temptation to lapse into another round of Yorkshire-isms is strong, but I’ll resist and just leave you with my image of the day:

#justbecause, my friends.  Just because 🙂


  1. Jane

    And we won more medals than Scotland/Wales at the Olympics. But that could just be the Brownlee boys. We could be part of the northern powerhouse, if we hadn’t hightailed out a few decades ago!

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