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October 12th, 2017

Justice. Of sorts.

Today, a bereaved mother and father, Nupur & Rajesh Talwar, can breathe a little easier.

The Allahabad High Court this afternoon acquitted them of the charge of murdering their only child in 2008.

From 2.30pm onwards, I sat there, glued to my phone & the news updates, praying for this dignified couple.  And thank goodness the court saw reason.

I won’t re-hash the whole sordid saga here, and will instead give you a link (below) to a comprehensive blog post I wrote in 2013, when they were found guilty & sentenced to life.  It should explain a lot to readers unfamiliar with this crime, and refresh, perhaps, the minds of those who live here and lived through this horrific event.

Here you go: just click on the link, which I hope helps.

Saddened by a guilty verdict

I’m also giving you a link to a review I wrote of an excellent book about the case.

Called “Aarushi” (the child’s name) it was written by the eloquent and charming Avirook Sen, and for anyone who wants to get to grips with the background of this sensational case, I can totally recommend this extremely well-written book.

I used the word “sordid” a few sentences ago, and the word “sensational” just now.

I use them advisedly, because this was a case like no other.

A 13 year old was murdered in her own bedroom, behind a locked door.  A domestic help was also murdered, though he, poor fellow, hardly merits a mention in the press & TV coverage.  And, basically, no-one knows who committed these murders.

This was a case that gripped the country, and still does, judging by the social media frenzy this afternoon.

At the time of the murders, and the subsequent trials, the treatment of the bereaved parents at the hands of a frenzied, rabid, disrespectful press was disgusting.

The forensics, the police handling of the case, the evidence, the lawyers, everything was so sub-standard that it is unbelievable that the courts accepted such evidence.

Insinuation, innuendo, sexual prurience – oh, the whole sage was disgusting.  And through it all, this middle-aged couple, shattered by the loss of their child, behaved with calm and dignity.  Too much so for the rabid press, who screamed at full throttle that the fact the mother didn’t cry in public was suspicious.  Seriously, even after all these years, I can still remember the irresponsible behaviour of the press.

It was a case that moved everyone –  a child was murdered, for God’s sake – and it also shone the spotlight on so much that bedevils this country – incompetent police, incompetent lawyers – and so today’s decision comes as a relief.

At least to those of us who believe that the Talwars are innocent.

Their lives have been shattered beyond anyone’s imagining.

Bereaved and imprisoned.

But today they have been acquitted, and I, for one, am delighted at the verdict.

If you do believe that the parents are innocent, then, of course, there is still a murderer out there.

And that will be the next thing for the courts to consider.

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