October 16th, 2017


#MeToo is trending all over the world, as women take to social media to say that they, too, have been sexually harassed or assaulted.

And men, good men, decent men, profess themselves stunned.

They had no idea, they say.

If #metoo is trending amongst educated, online women, just imagine the thousands upon thousands of women who are not on social media, who have never heard of Twitter let alone a hashtag, but have been abused, assaulted, harassed.

I just wrote Me too as my Facebook status.
Thank God I have never been the victim of anything worse than disgusting gropers…WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST SAY?
I can’t believe I wrote that.

It almost sounds as though I ‘m saying that being groped is you know, well, actually, not that serious.

I’ve “only” been groped, “only” had my boobs grabbed, “only” had my bum touched many times, “only” had my crotch grabbed…

Jesus wept.Some of the blog posts which have garnered the most reaction have been on this very subject, which speaks volumes:
The creep who touched my bottom when I was out running.

The scumbag who grabbed my boobs, when I was in the middle of a crowd of runners at India Gate.

Schoolboys, in uniform, who menaced me and told me to f*** off

I saw just now on facebook that a Mumbai-based former colleague, a friend, a loving father of 2 super talented daughters, Madhusudhan Menon, wrote on his FB wall & I quote:

“I am baffled by the number of #metoo posts on my timeline..from some of the most educated, accomplished and confident women I know. Women who can take care of themselves and anything that gets in the way. Definitely not the “me too” types.

So what am I missing here? If you really want to be the change you want to see, out the scum I would say..”
This is what I replied:
“How do you “out” a stranger in a crowd who grabs your boobs? Or runs forward & sticks his hand between your legs? Or touches your bum? Every time I have been groped, I have kicked the scumbag in the balls, have screamed and yelled, have kicked and punched. In Delhi, where I have been touched up the most – and at my age, too – no one helps. No one. Everyone just stands and stares. So you do what you can to knee the low-life creep in the balls.”

I must, in all fairness add that when a guy grabbed my breasts, some of the young men in our running crowd did give chase with me & beat the scumbag up.  Most of them were too disbelieving, and took a few minutes to work out what was going on.

But whenever I have been alone, nah!  No one lifts a finger to help.

So, Madhu my dear, I don’t know what constitutes a “me too” type, but there are clearly thousands of us out there.

In conclusion – please, all of you, do yourselves a favour and read an excellent article by Suzanne Moore in “The Guardian” on the subject.

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