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October 30th, 2017

Feeling some dog-owner jealousy here

Now I know I made a promise just a day or so ago in this blog, not to crib about politicians etc etc but this is simply TOO MUCH.

Rahul Gandhi’s dog can balance a biscuit on his nose and it goes viral on YouTube?


I mean, I’m not a pushy dog-owner or anything, perish the thought, but my Yoko can do that.

AND Yoko takes my running socks up to the washing machine.

And Yoko rolls over on command.

And Yoko understands “salute”.

And…hey, whaddya mean I sound like a crazy dog lady?!!

Seriously, here is a video clip of Rahul baba’s dog doing his stuff.

I hope you all appreciate the fact that I gave you a 15 second clip and not the 7 1/2 minute version as featured by NewsX.

7 1/2 minutes of the dog and political analysis.

Don’t believe me, here’s the link.

Oh ye of little faith…

And yeah, OK, the dog’s cute, I grant you.

(PS for non-Indian readers – Rahul Gandhi is an Indian politician.  And he has a cute dog.)

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