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October 31st, 2017

No dirty “stinkly” chewing people here, thank you very much

Some of the flyers that float out of my morning paper are interesting, some are unintentionally funny, some are vaguely useful (though I rarely remember where I’ve filed that useful address when the time comes).

And then there’s this.

It’s an ad for mechanized water tank cleaning.

As in “how boring can THIS ad be?”

Just read it:

Initially, it all looks good, with quite justifiable worries about your kids brushing (sic) with dirty water.

Then just read the next bullet point:

“NO worries that the person who gets in your tank is dirty stinkly, chewing, suffering from skin disease.”

Jeez Louise.

Other than the absolutely wonderful word “stinkly” which I FULLY intend using as much as I can, this is

a) pretty gross as an image

b) totally lacking in any sort of empathy for the poor people whose job consists of climbing inside your dirty water tank to clean it out.

As it so happens, we have just had our overhead water tanks cleaned by a company using a sort of enormous suction vacuum-cleaner-thing-y and the gunk that they removed was impressive.

Pity the poor men who otherwise have to go into such a stinkly mess…

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