The magic(al) flute

The magic(al) flute

Dear readers, I’m going to give you the briefest of contexts for this blog post, and then please, I beg you, turn your computer/phone/iPad volume up to max, and enjoy what for me was possibly the most spiritual moment I have ever experienced in Delhi, in all my years of knowing this city.

I went to the Lodhi Gardens this morning for a training session, and got to our group meeting place, in front of the 15th century Shish Gumbad (glazed dome) at 5.50.

It was still dark, there was no lighting in the gardens, and just one other early-bird runner.

I heard flute music coming from inside the tomb, magical, gentle music in the pitch darkness.

So I went to investigate, using my mobile as a torch, to climb up the stone steps.

The tomb was indeed in pitch darkness, but this stunningly beautiful music was wafting across the silence and the darkness.

This first video is just sound, by the way, since it was totally dark…but oh, that music

I approached the flautist, a lady, who asked me the inevitable Indian question, “Which country you are from?” and when I replied with my potted biography in Hindi, she replied in Hindi, suitably modest when I gushed about her music.

If you listen carefully to this next clip, you can hear the birds beginning to wake up.

Oh my goodness me, but this was beyond magical:

She kindly put her own mobile-phone-torch on for me to film, so you can see this wonderful musician as much/as little as I did:

I’m not ashamed to say that I had tears in my eyes, as I stood in a 15th century monument, listening to peaceful music, as the day began to wake up.

It was beyond special and – how can I explain this? – almost old-fashioned.

It took me back to a slower, kinder, gentler Delhi than the city today.

I do hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.


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