November 5th, 2017

The terribly sad end to the story of the haunted Delhi palace

Just 2 weeks ago, I shared with you here in this blog, the story of the “haunted” hunting lodge, deep in a Delhi forest, inhabited by the 2 remaining siblings of the erstwhile royal family of Oudh.

If you didn’t read my original story, won’t you please take 2 minutes now to read it?

It is a sad, strange tale and the background will definitely help you understand this new post.  Here’s the link.

On October 23rd, I had gone running in Malcha Forest with some of my running group, and we had a quick look at the ruins of this building, and I researched the story as best I could.  I was delighted that my blog post touched so many people’s hearts, and piqued so much interest.  Lots of lovely comments, including some from people who had met the Prince, or who remembered the ruined lodge in the forest from their childhood.

Last Sunday, we ran once again in the forest, and once again (partly fired up by my story, if that doesn’t sound too pompous) some of my running group wanted to have a peek at the ruins, which we did, from afar.

This Sunday, 3 of us ran in the forest again (which, by the way, is fast becoming my favourite running venue in Delhi).  2 of us had seen Malcha Mahal before, but Sandeep hadn’t, and having read my story, wanted to have a look-see.

So I showed him the view from behind the water-tank, which is always only as far as we have gone.

I took a photo with my phone, because the sun had lit up the old structure.

We chatted, the 3 of us, about this sad story, and O.P said he had seen the Prince years ago, when he was running in the forest.  The Prince was on a bicycle, wearing pajamas and a blue T shirt, but didn’t respond to greetings.

I got home from my run this morning, to find a message from Anvar Alikhan, whose comments had contributed some gyaan (knowledge) to the story.

Prince Cyrus died about a month ago.

Anvar kindly sent me this link to a very moving story from the BBC.

Please do read this terribly sad tale of a terribly sad end to a quite extraordinary story.

I feel quite melancholic.

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