November 9th, 2017

Odd-Even is back Even if it’s Odd

So, here we go again.

Short-term, knee-jerk reactions to our toxic air.

On Monday 13th, Delhi will have an 0dd-even car numberplate rule again, the way we did last year.

So that means that for today (the 9th) & the 10th & the 11th & the 12th the killer toxic situation can pootle and footle along and on Monday – wham – odd/even will kick in.

Why not start it immediately?

As in tomorrow, or at least on Saturday, over the weekend?

People can’t say they didn’t know this move was on the cards.

To be fair, whenever the (state) government has talked about measures to combat pollution, bringing back the odd-even system was always mentioned.

So OK, be flexible & don’t start the system tomorrow, give people one more day to sort themselves out, but start over the weekend.  We are all dying here, people, and if the government feels odd-even will help, then why the delay?

And, never fear, exemptions there are a’plenty.  To wit:

 “CNG and electric cars, two-wheelers, cars driven by women and vehicles with a woman driver with a male companion below 12 were exempted from the scheme.

Vehicles being used for medical emergencies, occupied/driven by people with disabilities,VVIP and enforcement cars were also allowed to run on all days.”

Whew!  Thank God the VVIPs are exempt.  We can’t have their pampered, tax-funded way of life interrupted now, can we?

Though I have to say, I’m intrigued at the absence of VIPs from this list.

Does this mean they’ll be on the bus or the metro, along with everyone else?

And, by the way, how does one know if one is a V or a VV?

Is one told?

“Ssh, don’t tell everyone, but we’ve decided your a VV”

And who decides that you’re a V or a VV?

Is there a committee to decide your degree of V-ness?

Can you ask for an upgrade?

Do they have review boards, to decide who should be promoted to VV?

Yeah, whatever.

Bottom line, the pampered politicians and bureaucrats will be exempt.  If they had to suffer, perhaps, they’d be more inclined to act.

And of course, all we gals are exempt.



Aren’t we lucky?

But WHY are we exempt?  It hasn’t been stated in so many words but we gals know why, don’t we?

It’s because this city is so damned unsafe for women, that’s why.

Here’s a link to an article from the Hindustan Times website with all the measures, but just think about this one statement, if you will:

“DTC will arrange 500 additional buses”.

Does this mean there are 500 buses just lying around somewhere, waiting to be pressed into service?

Why aren’t they already in service, since the bus situation is chronic on a daily basis, never mind this current crisis situation?

What are these buses doing otherwise?

Proper, safe, clean, timely, efficient public transport is the only way to get cars off the roads.  But we all knew that last year, and the year before and the….

So all in all, as I sit at my desk, eyes smarting, the PM2.5 count at scary levels, I despair.

I truly do.

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4 comments to Odd-Even is back Even if it’s Odd

  • Well, gawrsh.
    It’s sunshine, blue skies, and about 25F daily up here in Nepal! In fact, Accuweather says it’s ‘beneficial for asthma’ here.
    Supposedly only about 7% of Delhi’s air quality problem is caused by vehicles anyway- Ag burning seems to be the source of most of the pollution.
    That’s why we never go to Delhi from October to March.

  • christine

    Sounds divine, Beatrix. And one understands you no longer toot your horns in downtown Kathmandu?

  • Christine,
    I’ve never lived in Kathmandu- we avoid that mess in Winter too.
    Staying up in Sarankot, overlooking Pokhara!
    Come visit anytime!

  • christine

    OK, gotcha. Even luckier girl than I initially thought 🙂

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