November 14th, 2017

Fleeing Delhi’s foul air. Literally.

For a few days, we have fled the filthy Delhi air and come to the farm in rural Haryana.

I’m sitting outside as I write, and, guess what, the sky is blue.

Pale blue, admittedly.

But blue all the same.

After a week of filthy air and grey skies and wearing a vogmask inside the house, at least one can breathe here.

The idea is not only to escape the toxic air, but also to try and get myself into some kind of better shape, in case I do decide to run the half marathon this Sunday in Delhi.

It’s still “if” to be honest, but if 3 days of cleaner air helps, so be it.

It took forever to get here yesterday.  Lunatic Delhi traffic became even more lunatic Haryana traffic.

Instead of rocking up around 6-45/7-ish, it was after 8 before we arrived, after crazy traffic jams in the small towns that line the road.

We got caught in the mother of all traffic jams, in the dark, caused by the ripple effect of 2 trucks that had gone into a ditch.

Picture if you can an already narrow road with recovery cranes blocking the road.  The remaining space has already been narrowed by a long line of trucks, unable to move past the accident + crane mess.

Then picture one car after another zooming the wrong way down the road, thinking they are so smart and can overtake the trucks and get through.

Then picture this.  A huge, overloaded truck drives slowly towards us, on his side of the road, now blocked by a whole line of cars.

Stand off.

Cars try and brazen it out, basically by ignoring the truck, when a wave of blocked drivers descends and orders them to reverse out.

And so, one by one, the cars had to reverse out of the whole noisy, honking, hectic crazy mess.

Here, watch the time-lapse I took.  Crazy stuff:

The air at that point was pretty foul, I have to say, from the emissions of all the vehicles and the muttering of one super irate hubby!

We also passed this dotty scene.

All in a day’s drive.

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