November 28th, 2017

The law is an ass. Which is why these Indian donkeys went to jail

I got back yesterday after a lovely week away, and, as is always the case, I find settling back into Delhi a bumpy ride.

Firstly, as you drive into the city from the airport, there’s the sheer shock at the noise and pointlessly aggressive, crappy driving, and the garbage strewn everywhere.  It never ceases to shock.  Even after so many years.

Now there is the additional headache of air pollution to deal with.

Visible from the air, people.

Like so:

Then there’s the catching-up-with-the-news routine.

While we battle the garbage and the pollution, people in India are rioting and protesting about a movie no-one has yet seen which may or may not show a legendary 13th century Hindu queen dreaming about a Muslim.  At least I think that’s what the row about the movie “Padmavati” is about.

All too depressing for speech.

Which is why the story about donkeys being jailed for eating expensive plants made my day.

It was a reminder that idiotic can sometimes be funny-idiotic instead of the pointless-row-about-a-movie-idiotic.

I am NOT going to get drawn into this Padmavati issue because, like most everyone else, I Have Not Seen The Movie.

Which means I have no idea at all whether the movie about a possibly legendary 13th century queen will upset my sentiments.

Well, obviously it won’t upset my sentiments in the slightest, since the possibly legendary Padmavati was not from my community, but the insult to communal sentiments is what the punters are getting all riled up about.


I will say one thing and one thing only.



It’s not an obligation to go see the film, you do all realise that?

Ach, it wearies me, this stupid hysteria, which is all the more reason to move right onto the other idiotic story of the day.

Donkeys in jail.

You could not make this stuff up, you really couldn’t.

Apparently some donkeys ate expensive plants outside a jail in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.  And so, to teach the owner a lesson, the poor critters were jailed.


Completely bonkers.

Here are the guilty fellows being released:

And here is the dramatic moment of their release, captured by the news network for us all.

Quite made my day, and helped forget all the other settling-in woes.

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