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December 5th, 2017

Delhi’s toxic air makes you sick. Literally.

Never mind me sitting indoors at my desk wearing my Vogmask, with a persistent low grade headache.

I am unimportant.  A mere tax-paying, full-time resident, condemned to live here and suck it up.  In every sense of the word.

So what if my eyes stung all day yesterday?

So what if I have felt vaguely nauseous all day?

In the scheme of things I count for naught, whereas cricketers…ah, NOW you’re talking.

Sri Lankan cricketers, playing here in Delhi, have been wearing masks against the foul air, and this morning one of them actually vomited on the pitch.

Now this is most definitely not the kind of publicity India wants, is it?

Perhaps coverage such as this might embarrass our government into doing something?  Or am I being my usual naive self?

The players yesterday (above) and Suranga Lakmal vomiting (below) this morning.

According to

“Play at the Kotla, which is stone’s throw away from the busy ITO intersection, began under hazy skies in the morning with floodlights switched on.”

There isn’t a monitoring station in my neighbourhood, so I track the colony just across the Ring Road from us, R.K.Puram, and the results today are horrific.  I have 2 different sources, and both concurred.



I live uncomfortably close to the Outer Ring Road, which is a mess.  Construction, and already lunatic traffic made worse by the construction work.  It’s all a huge, unhealthy, horrid mess.

And we poor citizens are the victims.  Breathing in filthy, dangerous air.

I despair, I really do.

In the face of a seemingly unconcerned administration, what can people like me do?

We are the lucky ones.  We have the money to buy Vogmasks.  We have the money to buy air purifiers.  When it was really bad 2 weeks ago, we went to the farm for a few days.

But for millions of people, there is no option but to poison themselves, just because they happen to live in the capital city of a country that likes to claim its place on the world stage.

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5 comments to Delhi’s toxic air makes you sick. Literally.

  • Not one single statement on pollution in New Delhi from our dear PM, business and intellectual capital are quitting in droves so short sighted but with out the political will nothing will be done and the city grows daily more toxic

  • This problem needs to be tackled on a war footing but sadly the leadership is totally lacking in this case.

  • I have actually fallen sick and have this allergic cough that’s not just going away.

  • Wish Delhi was in Gujarat! Both parties would have been eager to do anything to help us.

  • Hi all, Visiting Dehli is a health hazard I spent a week in Dehli a few weeks ago. I fell ill whilst there with a respiratory tract infection. After two weeks back home in Cape Town and after 2 courses of antibiotics and cortisone I am still suffering. Wonder if us foreigners (including the Shri Lankan cricket team) could sue your government after all they are not warning tourists! Dehli is clearly no longer fit for any living organism that survives on oxygen. Take a good look at your trees along the roadsides, they are not healthy.

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