December 8th, 2017

When unhealthy is brilliant news

This is the second morning in a row that the sky has been blue.

And everyone in Delhi is relieved.

“Look, look” we exclaim, delightedly.  “Won’t you just look at that blue sky?”

For the first time in weeks, we feel we can breathe.

Well, at least we can breathe easier then before.

But it’s still unhealthy, people. It is still damn unhealthy.

Like so.                                        
But begone such technicalities.
The sun is out, the sky is blue, and we Delhiwalas are relieved.

I mean, just look, yesterday we had the first “moderate” December day in 3 years.
But is is still unhealthy, people.

Still unhealthy.

Still unhea…oh what the heck.

I feel like a lone voice in the wilderness, and so will leave it right there.

Everyone is capable of making their own assessment of this situation, and in a city where people are STILL letting off fireworks for weddings, I’m not really sure what is to be done.

Except, for now, celebrate our unhealthyness 🙁

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