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December 12th, 2017

We don’t need no education…

This, dear reader, was part of a recent English exam for Class X students in Jaipur.

Read the full article in the Indian Express and tremble for the future of education in India.

Firstly, there are the unacceptable errors.

And secondly, being brutal, what on earth is a hagiographic portrayal of the Prime Minister doing in an English exam?

Since when did such fawning and flattering become part of a school curriculum?

When did such sycophancy become acceptable?

There is already way too much dependence on rote learning in India, so if children are subjected to this kind of content in school, what will it do to their ability to think and judge and make their own minds up about the country’s political leaders?  And as for their ability to spell…

I’ll leave you with the words of dear Madiba

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