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January 2nd, 2018

Meet my absolute favourite man of today

Nope.  Not my long-suffering hubby.

Nor my son, who sadly flew back to Shanghai today.

And no, not even the ever-cheerful, affable Ripu Daman, with whom I ran for 5 hours today, at my snail’s pace, with ne’er an irritable comment from him.

Nope, my man of the day is none of these 3, but rather a dear man I met in the car park at the Lodhi Gardens, who was feeding the resident strays.

As I was parking, I noticed a car with its boot open, & dogs hanging around.  In the boot of the car was a big metal drum, with rice and chicken and veggies in (I was later informed).  The man laid out squares of newspaper and fed the dogs, who waited patiently with no fighting or scrapping.

At one point a dog trotted up & the man shooed him away.

Why did you do that, I asked.  That poor dog is hungry, too.

No, explained the man.  He is an outside stray, but these – gesturing to the strays at our feet – are park strays.  And that one, indicating one of the “residents”, doesn’t like outsiders coming in, and they fight.  So I shoo him away and I’ll feed him afterwards.

Told you, my fave man of the day.

And it gets better.

Apparently he feeds 70 strays a day, starting from Nehru Place, onto GK, the Lodhi Gardens and ending at Qutb Minar.

Totally made my morning.

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