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January 5th, 2018

Trying to stick with New Year positivity

I followed my friend Alison’s advice this New Year and so, instead of making resolutions which start with “I will give up…not do…” and which one invariably abandons by 5th January (oh, yes, today 😛 )…so yes, instead of “negative” type resolutions, I have gone for positive ones.

Like “I really want to visit Cambodia this year”.

And “I do hope I can get my photo website up and running.”

Alongside all this self-affirming stuff, I am trying to be upbeat and positive and see only the best in people – HEY!! WAKE UP!!  It’s rude to fall asleep while I am doing a bad impression of a Miss World contestant, wishing for world peace and universal harmony 😛

All of this to say that, waking up to filthy foggy weather and a newspaper full of nastiness, it’s a little hard to keep the faith.

So I think I’ll talk about dogs instead.

A couple of days ago, I shared with you some video clips of a lovely man in the car park at the Lodhi Gardens, feeding the resident strays.

Today it’s the turn of the anonymous kind person at my scruffy local market who has provided a bed and a coat for the stray dog who lives next to the generator that illegally blocks the pavement….whoops!


Yes, you’re right.

Sweetness and light, no cribbing.

So forget that last remark about the generator that blocks the ENTIRE pavement and has done for as long as I’ve known the market, and let’s get back to the kindness of strangers, shall we?

Here is the dear street dog, who looks heart-breakingly like our darling Yoda, still much loved and much missed, even after several years…

The world needs more kind people.

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