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January 15th, 2018

Welcome to squirrel heaven

It‘s Monday.

The school traffic is thundering past on the main road outside my house, every wretched bus driver honking non-stop.

The newspaper has the usual horrid fare of rape, more rape, politics, pollution.

So in the interests of sanity & all-round zen-ness, I’m blanking all this out.  Way more stress-free, though possibly not the best approach for someone who likes to think she is a conscientious blogger, but there are days when the Indian news & current affairs are all just too much.

Like today.

So instead I am going to talk about squirrels.  As one does.

Recently, one of my running friends, O.P., gave me a bird feeder one morning, before we started our warm up drills.  Just like that.  Here you go, he said, have a bird feeder.  Love this guy.

We tied the feeder to one of the railings on the balcony, and ever since, it has proved to be a hive of activity – mainly with the local squirrel population, who spend hours every day stuffing their little faces, rapidly emptying the millet from the feeder, which we dutifully fill up every other day.

Costing me a fortune 😛

I’ve always marvelled at the amount of bird life in and around our balcony, doubtless helped by my mother-in-law’s garden downstairs, but now with the feeder, it’s all go, go, go.  Occasionally the mynahs manage to see off the squirrels, so they can have some millet, and today there was a pigeon eating from one side of the feeder and a squirrel from the other, but by and large, the squirrels are the ones benefitting the most from O.P’s present.

And, predictably, I’ve started filming all the activity.

I tell you, seeing nature, however low-key, up close and personal is such fun.

If you listen to the clip, below, you can actually hear the little guy chomping away.  Too good 🙂

And yes, before you ask,  I HAVE indeed googled “can squirrels over-eat?”  and “obese squirrels” – you’d be amazed how many roly-poly squirrels there are out there 😛

And, in the interests of full disclosure, I have also googled “how to tame a wild squirrel” and found a brilliant website that tells me, amongst many other useful things, and I quote:

“Talk to the squirrels and make squirrel noises when you are by the feeder. You’ll probably feel like an idiot and the squirrels won’t have a clue what you’re saying, but you’ll become less threatening. Doing this while holding a peanut in your hand, makes you seem even more appealing.”

My 2018 goals have just got way more interesting.

Watch this space.

But in the meantime, I’d better go replenish supplies…

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