January 27th, 2018

Be The Change

Those of you who know me in person will know that the wanton littering and garbage that blights so much of India drives me absolutely nuts.  It is something I hate with a passion.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will also know that I made a decision in the New Year to stop complaining about the garbage and do something about it, however small.  I pick up litter every time I’m out for a walk or a run, using the hashtags #putuporshutup and #bethechange.

This morning, galvanised by one of my young running friends, Ripu Daman, who is equally horrified by the garbage issue, a group of us took things to the next level.

After our ASICS running club meet in Nehru Park (which is by and large pretty clean) we crossed the road to a slightly scruffy sports ground where we train twice a week, and where the litter is beyond an eyesore.  We chose this as our first venue because (a) we all go there and so (b) we know the extent of the garbage problem.

I don’t want to sound sappy or anything but I am just so damn proud of my eco-warrior friends – so, so proud.

We removed SO much rubbish, I can’t tell you, and everyone is committed to doing this exercise on a regular basis, and we’re hoping more people will join us as we take this forward.

Ripu brought big cardboard boxes, which we filled to the brim twice over.  I swiped a box of rubber gloves from my husband’s garage, so that we would all be a little better protected.

And that was all that was needed.

We worked on just a small section of the big sports ground and by the end of it, that area at least was clean.

We really had made a visible difference.

Here, this is what the area looked like when we arrived:

And now just see how it looked after we’d finished:

It’s not perfect but yes!  We made a difference this morning.

Best of all was a bloke, wandering through the park who stopped to watch what we were doing.  I said we were picking up rubbish and did he want to help us.

Yes, he said.

And he did.

I gave him gloves, and he worked with us like a trooper.

If we have made just one person aware of the blight of rubbish and the fact that a few people working together CAN make a difference, then I count this morning as a morning super well spent.

One of my friends, the talented photographer Sunil Punshi, not only picked up rubbish but also recorded us we all pitched in, and this is his short film of this morning.

Watch this great film and see how just a small group of people can make a difference.

This kind of initiative is not at all complicated, and can be done anywhere.  Truly it can.  We all just have to get out there & help clean up our world.

For those of you in Delhi and the NCR, Ripu has created a Facebook page which will be updated for our bigger events, but in the interim, please, please do your bit, at an individual level.  Ripu has also set up an Instagram account for this initiative, which will be updated, showing progress, as well as black spots that need work.

Come on everyone!

Let’s all be the change.

And once again, on a personal note – proud to have such great civic-minded friends 🙂

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