January 31st, 2018

More on the 8 month old Indian baby who was raped

Earlier today, I shared with you an absolutely horrific story about the rape of an 8 month old baby here in Delhi.

It appears the poor wee mite is stable, after a colostomy, with the prospect of a possible reversal of the operation in a year.

Thank God for the doctors at the hospital.

Oh God, I feel like crying as I write this, just thinking about the baby’s pain.

Poor, poor baby, and as for her family…once the political and media attention moves on, what happens to them?  The father is a labourer, the mother a domestic help.  They must be beside themselves with fear and worry.  Medicines, access to a sterile place to treat the wounds, counselling.  The mind boggles and the heart falters.

There is nothing good at all about this revolting story, nothing at all – other than the fact that the rape victim is a baby, and thus she might not have any mental trauma.  That’s the limit of the positive scenario.

I want to know what is going to happen to the raping bastard.

In my book, a man who rapes a baby deserves no pity.

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