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February 1st, 2018

How to travel with a peacock. Or maybe not.

This is THE best story this week.

Too deliciously bonkers not to share.

There is no Indian connection, per se, which is why it is classed as “Just because” story…except that peacocks are, after all, our national bird, so actually, you know what, I think that this most definitely counts as an Indian connection 😛

Now secretly, I think I’m pretty cool because last summer I had this ongoing “relationship” with a peacock in my local park, who would always dance, whenever I trotted past on one of my runs.  He never missed a chance to strut his stuff as I ran past the bit of the forest where he hung out.  I like to think we had a connection, but boy oh boy, this story takes peacock-love to a whole new level.

A woman in the US has a peacock as an emotional support bird and wanted to fly with it and even bought it a ticket.

Now how utterly mad is that?

Meet Dexter the Peacock.

I must say, he looks pretty cool, calm & collected, sitting on his owner’s luggage trolley.

But Dexter’s travels did not go according to plan.  The airline refused him permission to board, and so now he’s road-tripping it across the USA, and Instagramming as he does so.

OF COURSE Dexter has his own Instagram feed.  Though to be fair, and in the interests of full disclosure, so do my 2 dogs – and since I know you now all want to follow my mutts, don’t you, here you go: Tommy’s feed & Yoko’s.

(The boys say “thank you for the follows”, by the way.)

But this story has upped the ante, as far as the peacocks in my local park are concerned.  As well as dancing for me, I shall expect some emotional support from now on 😛

Here’s a link to this totally delicious story.

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