February 17th, 2018

007 in trouble in India

I have my British girlfriend Liz Jackson to thank, for alerting me to the news that Pierce Brosnan, aka James Bond, is in trouble with the Delhi government.

Back in 2016, I’d shared with you the news that the dishy Mr. Brosnan was promoting pan masala in an ad that was a pretty poor imitation of a 007 moment.

I love Mr. Brosnan and always have, but his choice of ad left me saddened.  Here’s the link, to refresh your memory.

Now it appears that Mr. Brosnan has fallen foul of the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act, and the Delhi government has sent him a show cause notice for endorsing a tobacco product through surrogate advertising.

Delhi officials said, “We have issued the notice to Pierce Brosnan through the company, and also reached out to him via social media platforms.”

Mr. Brosnan could be fined 5,000 rupees ($78/£56) or go to jail for two years if he doesn’t respond within 10 days, apparently.

In his defence, the actor claims that he didn’t know how noxious pan masala is.  To be more accurate, he apparently didn’t even know the ad was for pan masala at all, but rather understood it was for a teeth-whitening breath freshener.  He publicly apologised when he found out the true nature of what he was advertising.

I am minded to believe Mr. Brosnan, not just on the grounds of his dishy-ness, but more on the grounds that a man who has lost a wife and a daughter to cancer would be sensitive to anything that causes it.

But that doesn’t stop me from saying just one word to Mr. Brosnan.

One word that might well have made all the difference.


One Google search could’ve revealed all, Mr. Bond…I mean Mr. Brosnan.

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