Your hindi word of the day – gilhari

Your hindi word of the day – gilhari

Ever since I was given a bird feeder by O.P., one of the lovely fellas in my running group, my balcony has seen even more squirrel activity than usual.


No sooner had we poured in the millet, than the squirrels descended en masse.

They have always hung around on our balcony, scampering across the railing and knocking over the bowls of water I put out for the birds, but the bird feeder brings them in all day long, non-stop.  So much so, that I even bought a special dedicated squirrel feeder for them – a glass fronted box, so I can now watch them sitting on top of the millet, stuffing their little faces.  Super cute.

So, as I sit here with my afternoon cuppa, with pigeons and sparrows (yaay!) and doves and squirrels and mynahs for company, I thought we could all work on our natural history vocabulary.

So, first up.

You’re most welcome.


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