The spring is most definitely sprung

The spring is most definitely sprung

First day of March, folks.

Which means warmer weather on the horizon.

For British friends, shivering in the snow & reeling from the Beast from the East, this might seem like good tidings.

For we Delhi-walas, however, with Holi being celebrated tomorrow, today marks the beginning of the end of the current lovely weather, and of all those gorgeous spring flowers and beautiful blooms, as we hurtle towards summer.

And, if we are to believe what we read in the papers, we’re in for a scorcher this summer…

Since I’ve moved permanently to India, and with a farmer for a brother-in-law to boot, I have fully embraced certain concepts, after (admittedly) some initial scepticism.

Such as the fact that Holi, the Hindu festival of colours which is celebrated tomorrow, marks the start of the hot weather.

“Ha! Folklore! Village myth!”, I would exclaim, in those early days.

How on earth can a religious festival be linked to weather, especially since the date of Holi changes year on year?

“Ha! Folklore! Village myth!” forsooth.

And yet, year after year, Holi does indeed mark the change of seasons from the pleasant but oh-so-brief spring, to hotter summer weather.

The fact that Holi is a moveable feast does not seem to impact its hot-weather-bringing tendencies at all.

I have NO idea how it all works, this weather & festival tie-up, but it absolutely does.

Bit like the way my Easter lilies always flower in time for Easter, which is also a moveable feast.

So, before it all gets too hot to handle, here’s a look at my urban garden.

“Garden” is actually a pretentious word for balconies and a roof terrace, but one does one’s best.

I have pots and tubs of plants everywhere.

We have bird feeders, and a squirrel feeder, and water bowls for the birds/squirrels/dogs.

We try to grow plants that combat Delhi’s killer pollution, along with some veggies and herbs and fruit – yes, indeed my famous lemon tree – and I love, love, love the greenery with which we have surrounded ourselves.  They add beauty to our lives, hopefully improve our air quality a little, as well as block some of the noise.

It’s all looking lovely right now, I have to say, so enjoy!

This is my Holi, full-of-colour greeting to you all 🙂



We have enough dill to last us all summer.  It grows like a weed, literally, but since I love it, that’s not a problem:

We have (fingers crossed) loads of tomatoes, under the mali’s protective covering:

And, of course, we have in-your-face, jolly-coloured flowers galore:



The spring is sprung.

Holi mubarak everyone!


  1. “The spring, the summer, the chill autumn, angry winter, change their wonted liveries.”
    I’ll never forget the first Spring I spent in Delhi 15 yrs ago. After the dreary, drab, smoggy, foggy, gray, and dusty Winter- amazing FLOWERS bloomed everywhere! Hollyhocks, dahlias, mums, primroses, snapdragons, lobelia, marigolds, calendulas, ZOWIE! Mild and balmy days when you could sit outside without being broiled or frozen or asphyxiated. Then in a few weeks POOF! the flowers disappeared overnight and the miserably oppressive heat began.

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