March 28th, 2018

Back in the Valley of the Gods

Am back in my happy place, aka the Tirthan Valley in Himachal.

The sky is the deepest of blues, the Tirthan river is rushing past, below my window; there is non-stop bird-song (though I get that in Delhi, too, to be fair) and something I definitely don’t get in Delhi, there is the sound of drumming for the gods.

The drumming, far off but approaching, is that of a devta (god) on the move.  I guess, from the sound, that it’ll be another hour or so before the procession wends its way below our balcony.

We saw 4 different devtas on the go yesterday, as we drove into the valley, and for me (totally in love with this part of India) it was the perfect way to ease back into life up here.

I have arrived with armfuls of books + a lot of photo editing work + my running gear + my trekking gear (I have two big events to prep for), but so far all I’ve done is sit on my balcony and read, and then go for a slow 7km walk up the valley.

A super-slow walk, partly because I felt a bit breathless from the altitude, and also because I spent a lot of time chatting with 2 goat-herders.

Is there a female version, I wonder?

Goat-herdress?  ‘Spose since you have a shepherdess, the goat equivalent must exist.  Burt equally, in this day and age, should we be adding -ess to professions anyway?  Absolutely not, so 2 goat-herders it was.

Anyway, whatever the nomenclature, I spent an interesting time with 2 village girls, and their flock of about 70 sheep and goats, all seemingly intent on eating as much of the thorn bushes as they could, as they came slowly down the road.

Getting back into the calm, unhurried way of life…

Oh, yes, here’s the devta I mentioned arriving in Nagini.  There were 2 of them in fact, and they passed by as we were having lunch.

Pretty special, you have to admit.

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