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April 4th, 2018

It is a truth universally acknowledged…

…that if you drive a classic car in Delhi’s unforgiving traffic, you will get a guaranteed smile.

Or, in the case of the driver of a bright orange DTC bus, a smiling thumbs up and a “bahut buriya” (excellent), as he towered above us at the red light.

There is a definite magic about an old car, and I have yet to see anyone not smile at us in the traffic.  Lots of people slow down to take a grab shot with their mobile (they’re the slightly alarming ones, the bikes leaning in super-close to get a photo), but the happy-making effect of an old car is a constant.

This morning, despite the searing heat, we took Lemondrop, Himmat’s MG, to an event at Claridge’s Hotel, hosted by MG.

There was a handful of beauties there, and the whole event was good fun.

But ah, the drive there and back.

A lady in a bright orange and red sari, sitting side-saddle behind her husband on a motorbike, gave us a radiant smile as we edged past her in the traffic.

As Himmat drove into a gap in the hideous traffic on Rao Tula Ram Marg, I was witness to the Old Car Effect (that’s my scientific term, by the way).

I happened to be watching, so saw everything – man driving a car, also eyeing the same gap in the traffic, has an almost-automatic scowl on his face, which changed into a big smile, as soon as he saw us.  The inevitable bad-tempered reaction had just been defused by a little lemon-coloured sports car.

As I said, bus drivers, rickshaw-walas, the passengers of the latter – everyone smiles, whips out their phones and takes a photo.

I was chatting with some of the people at the MG event and we talked about this phenomenon  – my Old Car Effect –  and I posited that driving old cars should be mandatory in Delhi.  That would soon defuse all the bad temper and aggression out there.

Just imagine the Delhi roads full of gracious beauties like these, Lemondrop’s NBFs 🙂

Fun morning.

Fun driving in the Delhi traffic for once –  truly – and all because of the different vibe.

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