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April 27th, 2018

Pheasant attack!

Although we are now up in the Himalayas, in Himachal Pradesh where Himmat has come to fish, just this time last week we were in rural England, preparing for my best friend’s wedding.

I was unacceptably lazy during my time in England, and hardly blogged at all.

Guilty as charged.

So forgive the delay in sharing one of the most bizarre moments of our time in Dorset.  Better late than never etc etc is my excuse.

I went down to Beaminster, a pretty Dorset village, a day earlier with Liz, the bride-to-be.

We wanted a day to catch up and chat, as one does, and since I hadn’t seen her beautiful home before, we went for a walk around the property.  We took a bridle path that borders their fields and – woah! – what is that absolutely fabulous bird?

A pheasant, for sure.  But I couldn’t identify it.

Gorgeous plumage. Huge tail feathers.

Here, take a look:

First one bird appeared, then another, then another, until there were 5 of them.

They immediately approached us, coming very close, and I innocently thought they were sort-of-used-to-humans.

As I filmed, one of them was staring fixedly at my phone, so I yet again innocently thought he was waiting for food.  Until he jumped up, trying to attack me:

He knocked my phone right out of my hand, and scratched me, but (thank goodness) lost his footing on my wrist on my Garmin and slipped off, leaving me a bit shaken and muddy.  Saved by my watch.  Literally.

Laughing a little sillily, we continued walking, and the birds continued to walk alongside us, and then one of them jumped up and attached Liz, drawing blood:

This time, we decided that we better admit defeat and back off, but the wretched birds kept circling us, still super aggressive.

We picked up whatever twig-like sticks we could find lying around and waved them at the birds, feeling a tad ridiculous as we did so.

Surely this was over-reaction on both sides?

The birds for attcking us, and us for wimping out?

Still we managed to find the funny side of things:

Once safely back home, we googled do-pheasants-bite or something like that, and got pictures of pheasant canapés, which wasn’t much help.

Hubby dearest WhatsApp-ID-ed these birds as Reeve’s pheasant and then we started researching online.

To summarise:

Attacks are not unknown.

You can get a huge fine for shooting ‘em out of season.

They are Chinese imports.

Mr. Reeves is responsible for the import.

And therefore, in my book, directly responsible for the nasty puncture wounds on the bride-to-be’s leg.

Talk about a quiet country life.  Give me the urban jungle any time!

1 comment to Pheasant attack!

  • Bernard BAHOUT

    These strange birds behave like geese, though seeming less aggressive.
    Congratulations for having peacefully left their place without responding their attack!
    And please convey our best wishes to Liz.

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