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May 13th, 2018

Blown away here, folks!

So…Delhi got the promised storm.

And how!

The sky went crazily dark, the winds howled, thunder & lightening, torrential rain – we have the whole 9 yards happening right now.

Plants pots crashing to the ground.

Shade cloth ripped to shreds.

Our many wind-chimes going crazy.

We’ll assess the damage later, when it’s subsided, but for now, from my position of comfort & privilege, secure in the knowledge that my chicks are safe – ie Anjulie is cosily in her flat, and the dogs are curled up at my feet – it’s all rather exhilarating to watch.

AND (quick drumroll) I caught lightening on the video, below 🙂

Apparently the winds are up to 70mph and the airport is closed.

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