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June 25th, 2018

Delhi’s trees get a partial reprieve

To everyone who read my blog yesterday, you deserve a quick news update.

And it’s good news.

These are the words we were all waiting for.

“We could understand if it was a road-widening work which is inevitable. You want to cut thousands of trees for housing. Can Delhi afford this?” 

And with that statement, issued by 2 judges of the Delhi High Court vacation bench today, we gained a few day’s breather.

Literally.  A few days more with the threatened 15,000 trees still standing, to help combat our filthy, polluted air.

Until July 4th, no more trees will be cut.

The battle is far from won, but there was a definite feeling of relief amongst those of us who went out and protested.

I might as well tell you that I didn’t think anything would come of today’s challenge.  Thrilled I have been proved wrong.

Well done to every single wonderful person who has braved the heat/is continuing to brave the heat, in order to save our trees.

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