July 26th, 2018

Seeing another side of Indian politicians

I am still feeling distinctly battered by the Indian news these days, distressed by the terrible things that happen.  Like 3 little girls starving to death, right here in Delhi.

It does not bear thinking about.  Their father, who is missing, is a rickshaw puller and their mother, all of 29, is mentally challenged.  Poor little darlings.  Starving to death.

Makes you want to weep.

Coupled with what appears to be a grim daily dose of rapes, as I said in a blog post last week, there are days on end when I just cannot bear to read the news.

I mean I do read my morning paper, obviously, but then I feel so depressed or saddened that I lose the will to blog – if that doesn’t sound too pompous.

Anyway, as a step on the road back to regular blogging, yesterday I shared with you a totally non horrible story about a completely bonkers match making event taking place in Bangalore.

Now for today’s blog-ette (‘cos it’s a short post!) on my current take on Indian politicians.  Well, some of them at least.

Last night we were invited to the launch of Karan Thapar’s book “Devil’s Advocate” and what a fun evening it was.  Karan and Himmat were in school together, so there were other batchmates there which was nice, but the real treat was the totally relaxed, laid-back atmosphere, with almost no security.  There was the standard metal detector as you entered the Taj hotel.

And that was it.

No checking of names on a list at the door.

No further security.

No pressure to make room for the endless political bigwigs who poured into the event.

It was a veritable Who’s Who of Lutyens political society, including Manmohan Singh, Shashi Tharoor, Dr. Karan Singh, Sheila Dixit, L.K. Advani, Rahul Gandhi, and on and on the list goes.

They all walked in, with no security – other than Mr. Gandhi – and it was all refreshingly easy-going.

Mr. Tharoor made self-deprecatory jokes.

Mr. Gandhi made self-deprecatory jokes.

Everyone greeted everyone else.  People in the audience greeted the politicians.

Gosh, what a nice, relaxing mood for a change.

Mr. Gandhi gave a speech that was not at all related to the book, or the launch, or even Karan Thapar, but was quite definitely a follow-on from his infamous hugging of the Prime minister last week in Parliament.  For a serial hugger like our PM, it was a taste of his own medicine, and despite smiling at the time, he has subsequently criticised Mr. Gandhi’s hugging.

“PM Modi…attacked the 47-year-old, calling it “childish antics”. At a rally in UP, he also took a shot at the “unwanted hug”.”

(Source: ndtv.com)

All rather petty.

Rahul Gandhi referred to the incident in his speech last night, joking that MPs from the ruling BJP take 2 steps back from him now, fearing a hug.

All perfectly light-hearted, and if Mr. Gandhi’s speech was another opening salvo in his election campaign, it was very well received by his audience.

There was one comment today by a BJP MP, Nishikant Dubey :

“Yes we do fear hugging Rahul Gandhi as our wives might divorce us after that. Also, Section 377 hasn’t been scrapped as yet.”

(Source :Indian Express)

Section 377, by the way, refers to the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

Since Nishikant Dubey is, and I am quoting Wikipedia here (my underlining and highlighting), “a rotund member of India’s 16th Lok Sabha, the lower house” I have decided to take his comments as lighthearted.

Nothing more than a rotund man making a joke.

Gosh, we all definitely need more of this kind of politics.

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