July 27th, 2018

When it rains in Delhi, this is what happens

I was up at 4.50 this morning – standard summer-running time – but it was absolutely bucketing down, so I went back to bed and skipped the planned run in Nehru Park.

Now, of course I have serious running FOMO, but that’s another story and for another blog – clever plug for my running blog, huh?!!

So yes, here I am, sitting out on my verandah, 2 soggy dogs at my feet.  The rain is still pelting down.  All our potted plants have been brought out from inside the house to get the ever present Delhi dust washed from them.

Life is good.

Well, it’s for those of us with a roof over our head, and no pressing need today to head out into the rains.

So, yes, life is good.

And then I read my morning paper.

Year after year after year, we are treated to the same headlines.  Blocked drains. Water logging. Building collapses. Road cave ins.

You get the picture?  These are all from this morning’s Hindustan Times, by the way.

Year after year after year, the courts demand action.

I swear to God I could unearth any article, any blog post from my archives, written at this time of the year and they would all read the same.  Change the name of the road that has caved in, or the building that collapsed.  Change the name of the flooded road or the person killed by electrocution, but by and large, it is the same unacceptable scenario.

When will anything ever change?

Perhaps one year, for a change, the courts will order the arrest and imprisonment of all the corrupt contractors and the civic officials who turn a blind eye, and the authorities who don’t do their job.  Perhaps that would sort them out?

Otherwise, sure as eggs is eggs, I know that this time next year, we’ll all be reading the same dreary headlines…

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