More trees down, Delhi…

More trees down, Delhi…

Despite starting with the words “On my run this morning…” this is not a running blog post.


So don’t worry – I haven’t got my blogs confused. (Quick, oh-so-subtle plug for my running blog!)

But, because I went for a run around Nehru Park this morning, I was witness to the sad spectacle of loads of trees down, doubtless due to the wind and rain last night.

There were trees and branches galore all over the park and the adjoining streets, which are home to many embassies.

All very sad.

But the saddest sight of all –  though the devastation to the trees was disheartening –  was this:

3 juvenile Black Kites in a tree that has been uprooted in Eamon deValera Marg, just outside the Pakistan High Comm.  They looked shell-shocked, and just sat there, in a forlorn huddle, letting me get really close to them, which isn’t standard behaviour.

I couldn’t see any sign of their parents, so whether they had abandoned the fledglings, who knows?

Admittedly, these trees came down in a storm – though I suspect poor maintenance and concreting might also have had a part to play – but all I could think of, was that if (God forbid) the planned felling of 16,500 trees is resumed, scenes like this will be replicated in their thousands.

Hundreds of thousands.

Displaced shocked birds.

Quite took the shine off my run, seeing these poor, confused fledglings…

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