August 1st, 2018

A young woman flying high

4 years ago (gosh, where did the years go?) I took part in a blogger’s meet in Goa where I met lots of fab youngsters.

In the intervening years, I’ve kept in touch with a group of these talented young people through social media, and so am sort-of up to date with their formidable achievements.

One of these young ladies is on Insta and Twitter as “Caramelwings,” and I clearly remember asking Ashrrita in Goa “Why caramel wings?”

She laughed and said that it was because she loves baking and is a pilot 🙂

So it is with great joy – and yes, a touch of pride in a cyber-friend – that I’m sharing with you this lovely story.

Yesterday, Ashritta’s mother retired after 38 years as a stewardess with Air India, and guess who was in the cockpit, flying the plane on her last flight?

First officer Ashritta Chinchankar!

How wonderful is this?

I read Ashrrita’s tweet on Monday:

And then yesterday – this!

How fabulous a story is this?

The story went pretty viral – as well it might, because we all love a happy story, and one that involves a young female pilot – well, what’s not to love?

Please give my wishes for a happy retirement to Mum, Ashrrita – and I can’t wait for the day you are my pilot on an Air India flight.

Well done @caramelwings 🙂

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