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August 15th, 2018

Happy Independence Day India. And here’s a stolen treasure

WHAT a nice story, to mark India’s Independence Day today.

A 12th century statue of Lord Buddha, stolen nearly 60 years ago, was returned by Britain to India today.

Here’s a link to the story, & here is a photo of the bronze statue.

This is a total feel good moment.
Wonder where the statue will go? Back to its original home in Bihar, I suppose.

I went and marked Independence Day with lots of my running friends, as we did a super slow, super relaxed 8km fun run from Nehru Park to Vijay Chowk (India Gate was, sadly, off limits).

We carried flags and shouted and sang and generally had a jolly good time.  Check out my running blog, if you will, for all the action 🙂

But let me share with you here a wonderful clip filmed by one of my running group, the talented Sunil Punshi.

We all tried to wear T shirts in orange or white or green – the colours of the Indian flag – and this was the result.

Our very own tribute:

Cool, right?

In honour of the day, there’s no need to crib and carp today about politics or the environment or the traffic (that can all wait for tomorrow :P) so I’ll round up this brief tribute to India with another historical snippet.

One of my running mates, Vaibhav, sent me the cover of the Hindustan Times on the first day of independent India:

Just imagine what it must have felt like, to wake up to this…amazing.

Happy Independence Day, India!

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