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October 14th, 2018

The things you learn on a morning run

Rest assured.

Despite the title of this post, you haven’t logged onto my running blog by mistake (though it would be lovely if you’d go check it out after reading this).

For various reasons, today I ran alone, and did what I used to do in my earlier solo running days – headed off down new roads, to discover new things.

In any case the roads around Nehru Park were w-a-y too hectic this morning, with more runners than usual, plus big groups of walkers taking part in an official government sponsored walk with all the incumbent circus of buses depositing the walkers (anyone else see the irony here?) and cops and more cops…so to head off to a quieter part of Chanakypuri made sense.

And so I trotted off to a part of the city where I’d never run before.

And thus it was that I came across this statue:

It was in the forecourt of one of the state guest houses that liberally dot the streets of this part of Delhi.

All the Indian states have an official “bhawan” or building in Delhi, and this statue was at the entrance to Manipur House.  For readers unfamiliar with India, Manipur is one of the north-eastern states, close to Myanmar.

And now, here’s the history behind the statue:

Now how interesting is that?

I had absolutely no idea about this little chapter of Indian history.

What a brave young man this Prince was, and how tragic that he was hanged.

I love piecing together history like this, one little discovery at a time.

PS: I posted the photo of the statue on my Instagram feed as my popquiz of the day.  I’ve decided I’ll answer the popquiz this way, and share the knowledge 🙂

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