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October 16th, 2018

So, how well do you know your Delhi statues?

In a city with quite a few impressive statues of heroic people and freedom fighters, I came across this very, very small but very jolly statue in a teeny little park on Tikendrajit Marg, in Chanakyapuri.

It was on Sunday, when I went for a solo run, and decided to explore streets I’d never visited before.

After all the hours I’ve trotted round this part of Delhi, it’s nice to discover new avenues.

Literally and metaphorically.

I already shared with you my major discovery on Tikendrajit Marg, in a blog post the other day – the memorial to the man himself, a 19th century Manipuri freedom fighter.

After seeing the statue of the road’s namesake, I continued my ran past a minuscule park – to be honest, to call it a park is an exaggeration – it’s more like a lawn.

Plonked there is this statue.

No name, no explanation.

But he does have a garland, which means someone is keeping an affectionate eye on him, which I love 🙂

At first I thought it was Subas Chandra Bose, because of the glasses, but isn’t he usually depicted in military dress?

If you know who it is, PLEASE won’t you post a comment (below) and tell me?

By the way, this post is the answer to my Instagram popquiz of the day :).

New formula: I ask the question on Instagram & answer it here!

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