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October 18th, 2018

It’s all happening. If only I knew where!

I live in a very weird house.

Not only do we have no mobile connectivity, as in NO mobile connectivity, the walls also seem to bounce sound off in totally random directions.

Sitting just now in my study, which gives onto the drive and the garage at the back of the property, I could’ve sworn that the bells and music and general “tamasha” was coming from right outside my window.

Go into hubby’s study next door, which faces a different direction, over the neighbour’ s back garden, and quite clearly the tamasha was coming from there.

Except that the action was actually happening on the road outside –  which yes, obviously, faces a different direction altogether.

As I said, totally weird.

Anyway, it was well worth my dashing around the house trying to find out where the action was, when the action turned out to be a pretty fab procession heading off to our local temple.

I had to edit the video down to almost half its length, and reduce the quality in order to be able to upload it, but even 50% of totally brilliant is – well –  brilliant!

Enjoy 🙂

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