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November 2nd, 2018

Seeing Delhi differently

Today began in the pre-dawn darkness, as I headed off through the streets of Delhi, to meet up with one of my running friends, Sunil Punshi, who was taking me to Yamuna Ghat.

I was last there in probably 2008 or 2009 (pre-Commonwealth Games, that’s for sure) and was keen to see the river again, and at dawn, inspired by the fabulous photos Sunil shares on his Instagram feed (if you don’t already follow him, you should!)

We were a small group of photographers, everyone hard at work, capturing the amazing light as the dawn broke over the river, and hundreds of seagulls came to be fed.

A handful of devotees made their way to the river’s edge to pray, 2 old men were doing their washing, a couple of boys in school uniform stood and watched us, and the whole thing was peaceful and rather other-wordly.

I felt I wasn’t in Delhi, to be honest.

There was a peace and quietness that is missing in this noisy, aggressive city, and to be sitting on the banks of river (polluted though it is) with birds wheeling overhead was wonderful.

The boatmen were pros.

Absolute pros.

They knew exactly which angles we all wanted to take, they fed the birds with great aplomb and energy, and one suspects they have done this dawn-photo-shoot-thing at least a zillion times before 😛

See what I mean (below)?!

This fella, posing away like crazy, was a hoot.

Yes. he’s on Instagram.  (He is, I checked!)

Yes, he does pre-wedding shoots, which is the latest trend, apparently.  Dawn, on a boat, with the birds overhead – quite nice, actually, if you’re into pre-wedding photos.

Super, super morning.

Just what I needed to revive the jaded Delhi soul…a reminder that this city isn’t only about pollution and traffic jams, and that if you look hard enough, you can enjoy moments of timeless tranquility.

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