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November 6th, 2018

Every dog has his day

And for our dogs, Tommy & Yoko, today was the day.

Along with thousands of dogs in Nepal, our dogs are honoured today on the occasion of “Kukur Puja.”

Such a lovely festival.

I found a very informative blog about this festival, and the contrast between the Indian and Nepali way of celebrating Diwali is quite stark – though in India’s defence, the ban on firecrackers this year has (thus far) reduced the noise levels, and the pain and fear inflicted on animals, street dogs in particular.

Nar Bahadur was sitting petting Yoko yesterday, muttering about how the dogs hate Diwali and how frightened they are by all the noise, so let’s hope that the Supreme Court ban on fire crackers holds.

So far so good.

So today the dogs were the centre of attention.

They got a red “tikka” put on their foreheads by Sushma, Yem Bahadur’s eldest daughter.  Then they were garlanded in marigolds, and – finally! – the treat they were waiting for – a plate of biscuits.

Team photo, after the puja:

  The boys looking quite pleased with themselves.

Tommy going the extra mile for that last biccy 🙂

A lovely festival, and one that we all enjoy.

Happy kukur puja to all the wonderful dogs 🙂

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