December 27th, 2018

When a wedding almost goes to the dogs…

…in the BEST possible way, I hasten to add.

Last week was a happy week full of the celebrations leading up to the Sunday wedding of 2 cool young friends of ours, Alisha Mehra & Kula Naidu.

It was a wonderful few days of happy celebrations, with friends and family, as well as the 2 family dogs who played a starring role.

The dogs wandered through all the pre-wedding festivities with great aplomb, even joining people on the dance floor at the mehendi.

But come the wedding on a beautiful sunny Sunday, and the dogs were so stellar they a-l-m-o-s-t stole the bride’s thunder.

They almost upstaged her, but they didn’t because nothing or no one could upstage such a gorgeous bride 🙂

But the dogs made what was already a super relaxed ceremony even more lovely.  As Soni & Niko wandered on and off the mandap, even trying to jump onto Kula’s lap at one point, everyone laughed and smiled, and the priests were delightfully unfazed by the whole thing.

So yes, in the nicest possible way, this was one wedding which did, indeed, go to the dogs!

And we all loved it 🙂

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