February 9th, 2019

To catch a thief. Indian style

They say God works in mysterious ways

I would posit that the cops in Gurugram, a satellite town of Delhi, act in even more mysterious ways.

(Gurugram used to be known as Gurgaon until – also mysteriously – the name was changed, just like that).

Anyway, back to the mysterious policing methods of our cops.

Read on:

My goodness me, that is some fine strategic thinking.

“…thus luring vehicle lifters to take a chance and steal these vehicles. The police will keep an eye on these vehicles from a distance and the moment someone try (sic) to steal it, he would be caught.”

What could possibly go wrong?

And then, kindly, the cops tell the “vehicle lifters” which areas will be targeted.

As if that wasn’t stirring enough news, gosh, today there was yet more policing news from Gurugram:

I repeat: what could possibly go wrong?

And yet again, the cops have kindly identified the “snatching prone areas”.

So, mufti and artificial jewellery it is, in the battle against “snatchers.”

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