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April 3rd, 2019

Pottering amongst the birds & the bees

I’m back in Delhi after a fab trip to Shanghai, and in the 2 weeks we were gone, spring has given way to summer.

And how.

We are already in the mid-30s during the day, and as I type, mozzies are chomping away at me.

Such horrid things.

I am feeling most unprofessionally weary of some of my staple blogging topics – politics in particular – with the old home country (the UK) and the new home country (India) are both up to their eyes in political shenanigans.

I am so Brexit-ed out it’s not funny, and as for the level of political discourse happening here in India…least said. I am seriously worried about the outcome of the elections here, I must tell you.

So I am going to do That Thing That I Do when I want to avoid unpleasantness.

I’m going to talk about my garden.

In particular, I’m going to chat about my Easter Lilies, which are blooming happily away, a mere 2 weeks early, but who’s counting?

They are so lovely and so jolly and So Very Very Red, that I forgive them everything 🙂

Lots more on their way, too:

I s’pose it’s fitting & in the nature of things, that as my Red Easter lilies come into bloom, my other red plant, my Christmas poinsettia is beginning to fade, though it’s still doing well, given the heat:

What else is happening in my balcony urban jungle?

The bees are still in residence, and how.

Having stung me weeks ago – my finger swelled up and I still have the scar – they have stung Bahadur and a visiting electrician, so we may have to take action soon, and evict ‘em, ungrateful wretches.

There are 2 further hives – one outside my study and one on the roof terrace.

Wonder what it is about our house that attracts them?

And in the same way that Easter flowers are replacing Christmas ones, if we do lose the bees, we already have a replacement tenant.

A bulbul has built a nest and the female is sitting on 3 eggs.

Here is a bad grab shot, ‘cos I didn’t want to frighten her, but you can see her eyes caught by my flash:

And, for those of you who know our dear, kind-hearted Bahadurs, you’ll appreciate this – they made a sunshade to protect the nest below from the afternoon sun 🙂 🙂

So, all in all, pottering on my balcony & checking out the dynamics there, is a whole lot more fun than fretting about the state of the world.

A tad pusillanimous, agreed.

But more relaxing.

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