May 23rd, 2019

Elections. More elections. And milkshakes

It’s mid-afternoon here in Delhi, as I sit down to write this blog. It is currently 40C and my trusty weather app shows “unhealthy air quality.”

But there are other things to worry about right now, than the heat and dust.

The general election results are flooding in, and the Hindu nationalist BJP has decisively won a second term.

Mr. Modi

I am not exactly in shock – that would be a tad overdramatic. I’d already reluctantly accepted that the current government would be returned, but I had hoped for a better showing from the opposition parties.

God knows where this country is headed.

Supporters of Mr. Modi celebrating.
I find this photo weird

I’ll leave it right there.

Meanwhile, back in the ol’ home country, the Brexit farce gets worse, as the UK goes to the polls today in the European elections, of all strange scenarios.

In the midst of this double whammy, there is only one political story that made me smile today, and it’s all to do with milkshakes.

Nigel Farage, a British politician who heads the Brexit Party, refused to get off his campaign bus, because he feared being “milkshaked” by protestors who dislike his vitriolic views.

Over the past few weeks, the level of political discourse in the UK has sunk to such depths that people are throwing milkshakes over some – shall we say – more extreme politicians, in protest at – shall we say – their bigoted views.

What has made me smile, in the midst of all this political gloom, is the way the British press calmly tells us what brand of milkshake it was, what flavour, and how much it cost. The police even asked McDonalds to stop selling milkshakes when Mr. Farage was campaigning nearby.

This is an absolutely hilarious report on the milkshaking of these men, so please do yourselves a favour & read it.

But other than a nice new verb – to milkshake – not much else to smile about today.

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