May 23rd, 2019

Your Hindi word of the day : Aandhi

Don’t worry, I am not going to give you a political word of the day today.

Absolutely not.

Instead, my word of the day is the one used to describe what is happening right now as I type.

Delhi is being doused with lots of lovely rain after crazy hectic winds, and the sky has gone dark, and the temperature has dropped significantly.

First you get the wind, a fierce wind that sent our flower pots crashing, and ripped up the shade cloth that covers said pots.

Then thunder and lightening, and an ever-darkening sky. Like so:

By this point, the dogs have abandoned me, disturbed by the thunder claps, so I stand there like a nutcase on our roof terrace, getting absolutely soaked.

And loving every second of it.

Eventually even I get driven indoors by the rain, that is by now pouring down. We turn on all the lights, even though it’s still early, because it has got so dark.


And now my first big “aandhi” of this summer is slowly winding down. The winds have stopped, and it’s just raining.

Tomorrow will dawn cooler than usual, so there is that much to look forward to, after a day of…nope.

No politics.

Just a lovely dust storm.

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