I am still feeling dejected about the body politic, both here in India and back in the old home country.

Barely has the BJP Hindu nationalistic government recovered from its celebratory parties, than the attacks on people suspected of carrying meat (ie beef) have begun, all over again.

In the UK, the spectre of Boris Johnson being the favourite to become the next PM boggles the mind.

Actually it beyond boggles the mind. It is a total travesty.

The spectre of Donald Trump and all his children on a state visit to the UK is also pretty grim.

So, in a totally cowardly move, I’m ignoring politics completely and rather I’m going to chat with you about the beauty of trees.

For those of you not living in Delhi, you might not be familiar with our seasonal star : the amaltas, or Indian Laburnum.

It is because this tree is a thing of such stunning gorgeousness these stifling, hot summer days, that the city – otherwise so dusty, so dug up, so exhausted by the heat – looks rejuvenated.

Concrete pavements instantly transformed by the amaltas petals

This amazing summer display transforms the city, and that’s why I felt the need to share the amaltas love. Anything rather than the ugly truth of divisive politics.

South Delhi’s Nehru Park looking gorgeous

On Sunday, after my long run with my running mates, I went for a slow, solo, cool-down lap of Nehru Park.

It quickly became the slowest cool-down run ever, as I stopped over & over again, to marvel at the amazing display of amaltas.


Isn’t this WAY better than grumbling about politicians?

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  1. Madhuri Shenker

    The Amaltas are GORGEOUS Christine! ?
    You must have read (because you read A LOT) the book ‘A Guide to the Birds of East Africa’ by Nicholas Drayson.. a really lovely story. Maybe a blog along those lines somewhere in the future.. ? might make the politics of the day a tiny bit easier to stomach if equated to trees. ???

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