…and I must go.

My kit bag is packed.

My day pack is packed.

And in a couple of hours I head off to catch the train to Haridwar for my Next Big Adventure.

2 weeks in the mountains, trekking across a glacier, sleeping in a tent – I cannot wait!

Dreaming of this…

I’m going with my favourite trekking and climbing company, White Magic Adventure Travel, and if you head over to my review blog – aptly named christinesreviews.com, you’ll find 3 or possibly even 4 reviews of White Magic written over the years – here’s a link to the first review I wrote, back in 2013.

I know this about-to-start trip will be as exciting and wonderful as all my other adventures with this highly professional team.

There will be no connectivity after Joshimath, so I’m signing off, logging out, over-and-out-ing, and heading for the hills.


For all of you in Delhi, stay cool.

And I’ll be back in touch in 2 weeks.


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