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July 4th, 2019

Waiting for the rain

I’m doing that “how un-British I’ve become” thing, as I sit here, praying for rain.

Yeah, how far I’ve travelled from my Yorkshire roots. Looking forward to rain, forsooth.

Just imagine 😛

Delhi, like most of northern India, is parched and we need rain. We want rain. We’re praying for the rain.

This morning, Delhi is “cool” at a mere 32C at 8 o’clock in the morning, and there is even the faintest, the very faintest of breezes.

But the pundits – as well as my trusty phone widget – say we won’t get the monsoon till Sunday.

So we soldier on, grateful for the breeze and the cloudy sky, and hoping that the weatherman has got it wrong & that the rains will come earlier. He got it tragically wrong for poor battered Mumbai, which year after year gets completely submerged by the first monsoon downpours.

Every year, here in India, we all go through the same rituals. Our esteemed civic authorities blithely announce before the rains start that all drains have been cleaned.

That there will be no water logging.

Hip hip hurrah!

And then it rains.

And then we get flooded.

Just ask the good folk of Mumbai.

The Chief Minister of the neighbouring state of Haryana announced in the papers this morning that there will be no water logging in the satellite city of Gurgaon this monsoon, because everything is cleaned up and ready.


Let’s hope our Delhi officials have done an equally super job.

And in the meantime, I keep on praying.

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