I’m not in a very happy place right now.

Our beloved Golden Retriever, Yoko, died suddenly on Monday at the heartbreakingly young age of 6, so everyone is miserable and sad, and I spend a lot of time crying.

Plus the weather in Delhi is vile – hot, humid and no damned rain in sight.

Plus the world seems to be “governed” by people who are so out of touch with reality, that it is all beyond a joke now.

(Have you seen Trump talking about kidneys? Here you go.)

In the ol’ home country, the political mess just gets more and more disgusting, with our Ambassador to the US resigning because of a marked lack of support from the man who thinks he will be the next PM…oh why am I even doing this?

Just thinking about these self-centred, self-interest-driven politicians makes me so cross.

So, banishing thoughts of dear departed pets, and crappy weather, and nasty politicians, I have found you a DIVINE, wonderful, feel good, happy story.

And it comes from one of my most favourite countries in the world, South Africa.

It made me smile, on the first morning after Yoko’s death, so it must be a wonderful story.

I give you Menzi Mngoma, a Durban Uber driver and a self-taught opera singer, who sings Verdi while driving. He was filmed by a lovely woman from Jo’burg (my old home town! Yaay!) and Menzi is now on track to have a career in opera.

Watch the whole lovely story here, on this BBC link:


What’s not to love about this story?

There, don’t you feel better now?


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