In my last blog post, about creepy Indian politicians salivating over getting fair Kashmiri women as brides for Indian men (do read it – it is amazing stuff in a stomach churning way), I mentioned one of my most hated products in the world – the “fairness” product “Fair and Lovely”.

As if on cue, my morning paper today has this ad.

How much do I hate this ad? Let me count the ways.

The product itself.

The use of the military.

The endorsement of such a horrid concept by one of Bollywood’s richest and most influential stars.

Shame on you, Shah Rukh Khan.

Shame on you.

You surely don’t need whatever insane amount of money the company pays you to promote such a nasty concept, and you know how much influence you wield in India.

Wasn’t there talk about making actors liable for the irresponsible products they endorse?

Can’t wait.


  1. Bibi (Beatrix)

    If this were some well-formulated high 40-50 SPF sunblock that prevented sun damage and skin cancer I could maybe understand it. But the “Fairness Cream for Men” has only 15 SPF???
    How is 15 SPF even remotely adequate for the blistering sun of South Asia?

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