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August 21st, 2019

No, no, no. Not again, Mr. Trump!

Oh good Lord, he’s at it again.

Mr. Trump has made yet another declaration of intent about Kashmir.

I listened to it.

It is puerile, ill-informed and has a dubious comment about India and Pakistan. To wit:

“They’ve been having these talks for hundreds of years…”


I think you’ll find the 2 countries are only 70 odd years old, Mr. President, not “hundreds of years.”

Just what is it with this man, with his infantile sentences?

His sense of self-importance?

Why on earth does he think he should get involved in an issue about which he clearly knows diddly squat.

Ach, actually, why am I wasting my time telling you all what you already know?

If you haven’t already watched this masterpiece of international diplomacy, here you go.

Hey! I suffered though it, so now kindly be supportive of your blogger-at-large, and do the same thing!

Joking and ridicule aside, please God he doesn’t get involved.

Leave us to sort our own mess out, Mr.Trump.

After all, we’ve been having these talks for hundreds of years.

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